Denny Uneputty
+23 years of telecom professional in ASEAN, China, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Japan, KSA, UEA, Africa and North America markets. Experience includes design, planning, consultancy, business development, maintaining, sales, strategy and contract negotiations for seasoned wireless (1x-EVDO, GSM, 3G, 4G and 5G) and wireline optical (terrestrial and sub-sea).

Specialties: Strong leadership, ownership, technical and mentoring skills provide the ability to drive results across different cultures.

A leader of non-profit organization to ensure in the future, our Indonesian Junior Golfers will have enough series of National tournaments and development program.

The Indonesia Junior Golf tournaments evolved from the very small event with limited participants to the nation-wide events filled with regional and international Junior Golfer.
Indra Saiful
General Secretary
Possessing more than twenty years of experience working for various Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical and FMCG Corporations focusing on corporate finance, planning and budgeting and has more than seven years of consulting and coaching experience helping middle to senior managers master the principles of financial management and its implications on business

The flagship training program of "S.P.I.K.E" as it applies in developing excellence employee work ethics, "Completed Staff Work" as a tool work engagement and how to delight your Bosses & Customers as well as "Cash is KING!" has been widely accepted as a very powerful program to give all employees a good understanding of the importance of "Cash" at every level of the organization

From as a member of Volunteer Committee up to now as Secretary General within the organization, from these years long interactions and observations, began to develop and share common understanding, concern and aspiration towards the sustainability of our Junior Golf Tournaments with more importantly towards the sustainability of our Junior Golfer Development Program
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